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Hud - A Return to Roots
June 4th, 2020
The film Hud takes me back to the black-and-white world of my early years in Texas....
You Must See This...Twice
May 28th, 2020
I first came across The Sin Of Nora Moran (1933) almost unintentionally. The film structure seemed muddled and its timeline confused. But somehow I had absorbed a really good story. Or did I?...
Watch-Again vs. One-And-Done
May 14th, 2020
Some Classics are worth watching again, while others are "one and done." Here is my guidance on new discoveries so far in 2020....
The 39 Steps - Part Three
May 8th, 2020
In this final Part Three, I take you through the latest versions, from 1978 and 2008....
The 39 Steps - Part Two
May 1st, 2020
In Part One of this series, I summarized the 1915 novel by John Buchan. In this post, Part Two, I will look at the two earlier movies of the four. ...
The 39 Steps - Part One
April 23rd, 2020
Such a confusing array of movies all on the same story. There are four different films on The 39 Steps released between 1935 and 2008. You can take your pick on which to watch, but how do you choose?...
The Night Visitor
April 19th, 2020
We see the fortress-like walls of an institution in the middle of a desolate farming country. It is an overcast evening with the ice-colored clouds barely allowing the midnight sun to appear. The ground is covered with snow and the wind is whistling through the mostly bare trees. Then Salem appears in his underwear....
The Blob: Pure Nostalgia
April 19th, 2020
I have a nostalgic attachment with The Blob: this was the first movie I saw in a movie house....
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