Welcome to Coffee And Classic Films. I like to write about Classic Films, read about Classic Films, learn about Classic Films, and interact with people who share this affection. Coffee is also a big part of my day.

My fascination with classic films began a number of years ago while I was working through my Master’s degree (no, it was not a MFA). I was well into my career in a high pressure job and added the Master’s work on top of that, so one summer I was ready for a break. With no graduate work in front of me, I was looking around for some interesting reading. Most of the reading I had found in recent years was a disappointment, so I was hoping for something different. A friend at work recommended a classic, Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky, so I picked up a copy with the expectation that I wouldn’t last two chapters. I started it that night, and I couldn’t put it down. Incredible writing, fantastic plot development, better than I have ever read before. I had discovered The Classics.

That started me on several years of binge reading, grabbing anything I could find that could be labeled “a classic.” War and Peace, Middlemarch, Frankenstein, A Separate Peace, David Copperfield, and Les Miserables. The authors, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Hugo, and Dickens all became my close associates and friends.

Then Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and Robert Osborne came into my life through a new cable agreement. I watched movies based upon the classic literature I had been reading, and many others. I found that the films of the Golden Era (30s-50s) carried many of the qualities I loved in the classic books: strong character development, solid plots along classic themes, along with impressive cinematography. The filmmakers of those earlier years were the entrepreneurs, innovating and inventing, creating the stories and techniques that became the foundation for the films being made today.

And in spite of the fact that these are “oldie” films, I am finding new treasures all the time. That is why I write.